CSA Hires First Lay Archivist

God has called our CSA Congregation to live the transformational journey as the Spirit designed and we respond in prayer and reflection.  Today we are making the announcement that I, with concurrence of the Council, are appointing Marissa Ortosky as the first lay Archivist of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine.  In addition, Sr. Mary Denis Maher will be Senior Archivist serving as consultant to Marissa in her new role.

The Council and I make this announcement with joy and anticipation along with significant gratitude for the services of Sr. Mary Denis as Archivist since 1993. She has truly given loving service to CSA.  Sr. Mary Denis and her qualifications and leadership not only for CSA but through out the United States have made great contributions and service including the many whom she has served as mentor. 

It was in 2016 that Sr. Mary Denis invited Marissa to come as Assistant Archivist of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine.  Marissa came with a Bachelor of Arts in English from Notre Dame College and during her time with us received a Master of Arts in English Literature from John Carroll University in 2019.  Since 2016, Marissa has been a responsible steward of safely centralizing, organizing, preserving, protecting and making available archival materials.  She gives excellent talks on the history and tours of the Heritage Room too.  She was a participant in the gatherings with Summa as they wanted our input in moving the Sr. Ignatia exhibit from St. Thomas Hospital to the new building on Summa property.  She also is involved in the planning regarding the collaborative archives project.

Since 2019, she has taken on additional responsibilities as Administrative Assistant editing CSA communications – both internal and external, designing programs, invitations, cards, etc. related to Congregational events, and maintaining the CSA website and technology.  We are  blessed to have such a strong and qualified person on our CSA administrative team.

In speaking about Marissa, Sr. Mary Denis “has shown pride and belief that Marissa is the right person”.  She knew this in 2016. Today, Sr. Mary Denis has voiced that she believes Archives “will be in excellent hands.  She has been with me and learned a great deal of valuable, historical information.  She has the skills and competencies to do a great job for a ministry so important to CSA. “

We ask God to bless our CSA Congregation and Marissa in this new role of loving service.