Rainbow Peace Ministry


“Prayer offered from the heart can achieve what nothing else in the world can.” –  Gandhi

Established February 1, 2008, the Rainbow Peace Ministry is dedicated to prayer for and with the city of East Cleveland. RPM seeks to create a continual power of prayer through a unity of hearts individually and communally for and with the people of East Cleveland. Envision this Divine assistance, God’s Spirit, constantly flowing from the praying hearts joined with the hearts of the people of this city, guiding East Cleveland toward wholesome and peaceful solutions.

To manifest and increase this power of prayer and the positive activity in this city, Rainbow Peace Ministry was partnered with the Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope (NOAH) through a grant in September 2017.

To become a member of this ministry, one only needs to decide to pray regularly for the well-being of the City of East Cleveland.   The length of prayer, time or place, is entirely the member’s choice.  Any prayer from the heart is powerful.