• Cleveland Associates Vanessa Griffin Campbell, Anne Meno, and Virginia Joyce

  • South Carolina Associates Amy Ditolla, Mike Mancari, Peter LaHatte, Connie Mancari, Toni Scribellito, Marie Brown, Jocelyn Clarkson, and Sr. Nancy Hendershot

CSA offers lay women and men, married or single, opportunities to grow spiritually, ministerially and personally as Associates. In order to become more fully “people for God” the Associates identify with the CSA spirit, values and goals, while continuing to live their own life commitments.

They share in a variety of ways the life of the community without becoming a vowed member. The membership is for a specified and renewable period of time. Associates are financially independent from the congregation.

A person becomes a CSA Associate after completing an orientation process.

The relationship includes keeping in touch with vowed members to share faith and life; joining the community periodically for Eucharistic celebrations, prayer, sharing of a meal; participation in CSA and Associate days of renewal and prayer, retreats, opportunities to attend lectures, work on committees, plan socials and other gatherings; and volunteer opportunities within our ministries.

CSA Sisters and Associates believe that by deepening our spirituality and uniting with others in prayer, we enable each other to share in the Kingdom of God.

For more information about becoming a CSA Associate, please complete the following form: