Sr. Xavier Gorman, CSA,

formerly Mary Agnes Gorman, died on Monday, June 12th, 2023 at Mount Augustine/Regina Health Center in Richfield, Ohio. Sister had just celebrated her 103rd birthday. She was born on June 11th, 1920 in Akron, OH to Harold and Loretto Gorman. One of four children, she was baptized on June 21st, 1920 at St. Vincent Church in Akron. On July 2nd, 1939 she entered the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine and pronounced final vows on September 20th, 1945. Sr. Ignatia Gavin, CSA was her sponsor as she entered the Congregation.

Sister took the religious name Xavier out of her admiration for missionaries, and she indeed became a missionary to countless children, mothers, patients, and friends throughout her years of ministry. From 1942 to 1973, Sr. Xavier cared for children at Parmadale, St. Ann Hospital and DePaul Infant Home. Sister began at Paramadale’s Baby Cottage before she was sent to St. Ann Hospital in 1945. There she served as the supervisor of the children’s floor, where she cared for 75 infants, all 2-4 years old. Sister later returned to Parmadale in 1949, where she was responsible for lovingly caring for 40 young boys of varying ages.

In 1959, Sr. Xavier was appointed Housemother at DePaul Infant Home. Sister worked with 50-60 unwed mothers, whose ages ranged from their early teens through their mid-30’s. Sister stayed in this ministry for 15 years. She put her whole life into working with these women during an incredibly profound time in their lives, and made many lifelong friends.

In 1974, Sr. Xavier served as the Coordinator of the Infirmary at Mt. Augustine. She took classes at Akron University and read every book that she could find on geriatrics so that she could care for her aging Sisters. Sr. Xavier took a leave of absence in 1978 in order to care for her own aging mother.

When she returned to living with the Congregation, Sister worked in the Pastoral Care Department first at St. Vincent Charity Hospital, and then at St. John Hospital. She also worked at the information desk at St. Vincent’s, where she would often give out free meal tickets to hungry members of the neighborhood.

Sr. Xavier retired to Mt. Augustine in 1995. She was an avid volunteer, and served in many areas including at the switchboard, with the activities department, as the chapel sacristan, and in prayer. Sr. Xavier went home to God peacefully, with her CSA Sisters by her side.

  Sr. Sharon Anne Yanak, CSA,

(formally Marlene Frances Yanak), died on Wednesday, October 12, 2022 in Richfield, Ohio at Mount Augustine/Regina Health Center. She was born on November 8, 1935 in Parma, Ohio to Andrew and Ann Yanak. One of five children, she was baptized on November 24, 1935 at St. Francis de Sales Church in Parma. On September 8, 1955 she entered the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine. She pronounced final vows on August 22, 1963.

Sister Sharon Anne received a Bachelor of Science in Education from Saint John College. In her early years, she was an elementary school teacher with assignments at St. Luke School (Lakewood), Assumption School (Brook Park), Holy Family School (Stow), and St. Joseph School (Cuyahoga Falls), where she was also assistant principal. In addition, Sister was principal at St. Luke School for seven years.

In 1981, she was elected to the leadership team of the Sisters of Charity, where she served as Councilor for Personal Development and also served as Head Coordinator of Mount Augustine. She was Pastoral Minister and principal of the PSR Program at Holy Family Parish from August 1, 1985 until the school closed in June, 1988. During this time, Sister Sharon Anne also served as member of the Board of Trustees on CSA Health and Human Services and the Saint Ann Foundation. After her sabbatical in 1995, she was the hospital representative in the emergency department of Mercy Medical Center in Canton, Ohio.

In 1997, she was assigned to Regina Health Center as Activities Assistant. Sister also volunteered at The Open House (Cleveland), Providence House (Cleveland), Regina Health Center in Pastoral Care and as the Mount Augustine Assistant Local Leader.

In 2021, Sister Sharon Anne’s life story was a presentation given to the residents of Regina Health Center. When asked what her three wishes would be, “her first was to experience more peace in the world, secondly she wants us to take better care of Mother Earth and, thirdly, she deeply desires that each person would love and honor God, more than we do today.”

Sister Sharon Anne was dearly loved by her family, her religious congregation and all those she ministered and later lived with at Regina Health Center. On the day she died she met people at Mass, enjoyed the beautiful outdoors and spent time with many friends. God has truly blessed us with a special CSA who continues to be a model of a child of our loving God. We thank our God for her.

Sr. Rosella Holloman, CSA, a member of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine for over 72 years, died on January 11th, 2022 at Regina Health Center/Mount Augustine. She was born Rosa Lee Holloman on March 25th, 1930 in Cleveland, Ohio to the late John S. and Odessa Jordan Holloman. Through the influence of her stepmother, Annie Berry, she was a convert to Catholicism at the age of twelve and in 1942 was received into the Church at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament.

While growing up, she had an after-school job in Dietary at St. Vincent Charity Hospital from eighth grade through the twelfth. At the suggestion of Fr. Striker, she made an appointment with Bishop Floyd Begin, who was Vicar for Religious at the time and was very supportive of her. On Holy Thursday, in 1950, while praying in the Chapel at St. Vincent Charity Hospital, she listened to God’s voice saying this is where she belonged. She took this message from God to mean that she was called to be a Sister of Charity of St. Augustine. She entered the Congregation on September 8th, 1950, professing her final vows on August 22nd, 1956. Sr. Rosella worked as a student nurse at Mercy Hospital from 1953 – 1956. She graduated from Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, Canton, Ohio in 1956.

Her nursing ministry brought her to Timken Mercy Hospital from 1956 – 1966 as Nursing Supervisor on various units. She then went to Mount Augustine to be Supervisor of Regina Hall Infirmary in 1966 for the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine. After one year back at Timken Mercy, she returned to Regina Hall caring for the infirmed members of the Congregation. She graduated in 1973 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Cleveland State University and then a Master’s Degree in Nursing in 1975 from the Catholic University of America in Washington with a concentration in Psychiatric Mental Health. From 1975 until 1980, she worked first at St. John Hospital and then in 1976 at St. Vincent Charity Hospital as a Psychiatric Nurse Clinician. She returned to Mount Augustine to be Director of the Regina Hall Infirmary from 1981 through 1985. She did several outreach services for the community. In 1985 – 1987 she became the East Side Catholic Center Referral Program Coordinator; in 1987 part time Pastoral Minister at St. Cecelia Parish; and in 2009 Board Member of both the Thea Bowman Center and also Timken Mercy Medical Center. As Assistant Coordinator, she retired to Mount Augustine in January of 2007, serving in a ministry of prayer, local house treasurer and visiting residents in Skilled Nursing.

Her numerous nieces, nephews and cousins whom she loved dearly were a joy to her. Her presence with the CSA Associate members was something she and they treasured. She had numerous friends and associates from the many organizations of which she was a member.

Sr. Helen Mary Frank, CSA, also known as Sr. M. Eugene, died on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 in Richfield, Ohio at Mount Augustine/Regina Health Center. She was born on January 18, 1925 in Maximo, OH to Otto Edward and Marie Frank. One of thirteen children, of whom survive Paul (Flo), Catherine Skolash (late John), Vivian Krabill and Marlene (Jesse) Smith. She was baptized on January 25, 1925 at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Maximo, OH. On February 2, 1945, she entered the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine, pronouncing her final vows on August 28, 1950.

Sr. Helen Mary graduated from St. John College. She ministered as an elementary teacher and teacher of religion for various Catholic schools within the Diocese of Cleveland. Her ministry continued as she worked when she was assigned as a supervisor of a cottage at Parmadale Children’s Village. In 1966, she was a telephone operator and assistant with Occupational Therapy at Mt. Augustine. Sister then moved to St. Thomas Hospital in Akron, OH where she was a director of Public Service. From 1987 to 1990, she served as a hostess to families of the surgical patients and was the outpatient scheduler at Timken Mercy Hospital in Canton. She continued to work at Timken Mercy as a volunteer until retirement to Mt. Augustine in 2004.

On September 26, 2020, Sr. Helen Mary celebrated her 75th Anniversary as a Sister of Charity of St. Augustine with her family and religious community.

We thank our God for the faith-filled life of Sr. Helen Mary for 75 years as a Sister of Charity of St. Augustine. We are grateful for living her love of God in community and loving service to all.

Sr. Theresa Bontempo, CSA, formerly Sr. M. Carmela, died on Friday, April 3, 2020 in Richfield, Ohio at Mount Augustine/Regina Health Center. She was born on March 26, 1925 in Cleveland, Ohio to Charles and Rose Alpino Bontempo, both immigrants from Italy. One of five children, she was baptized on August 30, 1925 at St. Anthony Church in Cleveland. On January 6, 1949, she entered the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine, pronouncing final vows on August 22, 1952.

Sr. Theresa graduated from St. Vincent Charity Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio with a Diploma in Nursing. She ministered as Supervisor of Surgery at St. John Hospital, St. Thomas Hospital, Timken Mercy and St. Vincent Charity Hospital. A new chapter in her life began when she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at St. Xavier College in Chicago, followed by a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Minnesota at St. Paul. In 1974, she began as Supervisor at the Medina County Public Health Services, followed by her role as a Staff Nurse in the Home Care Program of the Veterans Administration Hospital in Cleveland from 1979 until 1991. From 1992 until 2000, she worked as Interviewer and Advocate for Passport in the Western Reserve Area, and then in 2000 until 2003 was Supervisor of Clients and Aides with Northcoast Home Health.

Sr. Theresa volunteered at Playhouse Square Theater and also St. Vincent Charity Medical Center. She also served on the Board of the St. Ann Foundation and Timken Mercy Medical Center. Sr. Theresa retired to Mount Augustine/Regina Health Center in 2018. She was an avid fan of the Cleveland Indians and the Cavaliers.

Four years ago, Sr. Theresa and Sr. Judith Ann Karam, on behalf of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine and Sr. Ignatia Gavin, were honored and received the 37th millionth copy of The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. It was a momentous experience, as over 50,000 members of AA sat in the Georgia Dome, to see the influence of Sr. Ignatia and the fellowship in caring for those suffering from Alcoholism.

With a real generous heart focused on God in her life, she cared for the Sisters of Charity, her family and the many people she met as she ministered in nursing throughout the years.  She loved her Sisters of Charity Congregation and her sisters will miss her greatly.  Recently she attended he wake and funeral of her cousin, Nacy Panzica and saw so many of her wonderful family.  Sister is survived by her brother, Louis Bontempo, special cousin, Mel, and numerous nieces and nephews.  She was preceded in death by her sisters, Angeline and M. Patricia, and brother Anthony.

Sr. Marietta Rohr, CSA, formerly Kathryn Rose Rohr, died on Monday, March 5, 2018 in Richfield, Ohio at Mount Augustine/Regina Health Center. She was born in Canal Fulton, Ohio on October 12, 1932. One of eight children, she was baptized on October 16, 1932 at SS. Philip and James Church in Canal Fulton. On September 8, 1953 she entered the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine. She pronounced final vows on August 22, 1959.

Sr. Marietta received both a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master in Religious Education from St. John College. In her early years she was an elementary school teacher with assignments at Assumption School (Brookpark), St. Luke School (Lakewood), Holy Family School (Stow), St. Joseph School (Cuyahoga Falls), Divine Redeemer School (Hanahan, South Carolina) and Immaculate Heart of Mary School (Cuyahoga Falls).  She served as the Religious Education Coordinator at St. Mary Parish in Wooster, Ohio.

In 1976, Sr. Marietta was assigned to Mount Augustine in Richfield where she served first as Assistant and later became the Director of Programs. In 1982, she served as Pastoral Minister at St. Peter Church in Akron, Ohio. Sister received her Clinical Pastoral Education at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio and Mercy Hospital in Aurora, Illinois. She was a Certified Chaplain at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center. After her sabbatical in 1996, Sr. Marietta returned home and began Pastoral Ministry with the Elderly first at St. Francis Parish in Cleveland then at Christ the King Parish in East Cleveland.

Sr. Marietta’s experience with the parishioners of Christ the King and residents of East Cleveland, led her in 2008, to begin Rainbow Peace Ministry. Her inspiration was the love and spirited outreach she felt from the elderly of the parish and the humble poor who came to the parish. The ministry was based in prayer and the purpose was to promote and encourage united prayer for and with East Clevelanders, which would help guide the citizens and leaders toward wholesome and peaceful solutions.

Sister was preceded in death by her brother Thomas and her sister Sr. Julia OSB. She will be deeply missed by her brothers Vernon, James and Theodore and her sisters Sr. Ruth Rohr, OSB, Dorothy, and many nieces and nephews.