Who We Are

Jesus calls us friends: “I do not call you servants anymore, because the servant does not know the Master’s business. I call you friends because I have made known to you everything I have learned from the Father. You did not choose Me. No, I chose you to go out and to bear fruit that will last.”
John 15: 1

The Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine (CSA) is a vowed religious congregation committed to God, each other and a life of service to the world. You will find us in prayer settings, healthcare, parish life, ecology, and community outreach ministries, such as food pantries, homeless shelters, and immigrant services. We strive to remain open to where God is calling us to be.

Below we are featuring three of our sisters, as they share in their own words the work they perform in their respective ministries.

Sr. Kathy Andrews

Following my ministry for eight years as the Local Leader for the CSA Community at Mount Augustine and then eight years as the First Councilor on the CSA Leadership Team, (July 2017) I had the privilege of having extended time for “R and R Plus”… rest, relaxation, recreation, reflection and renewal.  During this time I continued to be involved in community life, to serve on committees, meetings, etc. and to spend time with our sisters, attending to some of their needs. The time flew by as I enjoyed the beauty of fall and the blessings of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This report reflects my participation in CSA’s ministry to God’s people, as well as the ministry that I received from our CSA Sisters and others during the months ahead.  However, ministry is always reciprocal, many times receiving more than one gives.  I definitely was blessed by this “Ministry in Reverse!”

In 2018 I had the opportunity to spend January and February in the hermitage at Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center in Fremont, Ohio.  There are “no words” or “not enough words” to express my gratitude for such a grace-filled experience!  I have been refreshed in body, mind and spirit through the Power of the Spirit and the ministry and prayerful support of so many people. My life continues to be a moment-to-moment journey into the Heart of the Risen Christ where we are all one.  After such an experience, I am all the more convinced that the core of my ministry is one of presence walking with others as together we own the truth that we are unconditionally loved by God, and believing  that everyone is welcome on this journey.

As my future ministry discernment continues, I am using my educational, professional, and pastoral gifts to serve in the following ways:

Present Ministries:

Holy Family Hospice in Parma, Ohio
Volunteer:  Spiritual Care for the residents and families
Serving hospice patients is indeed a blessed ministry, and it is indeed a privilege to be part of a person’s sacred journey home to God and to wait with them and their loved ones in prayer and support.

My past ministries as a hospital chaplain and as a member of the bereavement team at a funeral home, as well as my personal and community experience with death and dying have helped prepare me for this ministry.  However, there is always more to learn and experience.  My heart and my skill are being stretched as I minister to the patients and families holding each person in the Heart of God.

Sisters of Charity of St Augustine Cleveland Foundation: 
Pursuing involvement in the Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood Initiative (CCPN)
For some time I have had a desire to know more about the Promise Neighborhood, to experience it first-hand, and to see how my pastoral experience and gifts could be of service to the people living there as well as to those who serve them.

In preparation, I have been attending in-services, education sessions, etc to help broaden my understanding of the multiple and overwhelming needs and challenges that need to be addressed in order to make a difference in their lives.

I have been attending the CCPN Advisory Council Meetings and other social and educational events in the neighborhood all of which have been very helpful.  The enthusiasm and expertise of the Advisory Council and the staff from the Sisters of Charity Cleveland Foundation Is very encouraging, inspiring and is full of hope for the future.


Living out of our Charism of Charity, the ministry of the work is accompanied by the ministry of prayer at every meeting, acceptance of each other, patience, and of dealing with the inevitable challenges that occur.   Ministry happens all around us even when we are not aware. I believe that the Spirit works over time at meetings for the good of the project as well as for the people involved!

I am involved in the following entities:
Member of Regina Health Center Board and Member of the Board Committee for Long Range Planning
Member of the Finance Committee of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine Board
Member of the CSA Associate Committee
Member of the CSA Core Circle
Member of a CSA Cluster Group
Participant at Centering Space – A Prayer Ministry Sponsored by The Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine

Serving others is very integral to my call as a CSA Sister.  Even though challenging at times, it is always a privilege and a blessing to be part of the ministry of Jesus.


Sr. Mary Grace Betzler

When I came to Mount Augustine/Regina Health Center to live I brought with me my Pastoral Counseling skills.  I ministered for eight years as the Program and Transportation Coordinator.  I minister to my CSA Sisters and RHC residents through prayer and visiting.

I enjoy creating community by preparing dinners for my CSA Sisters.  During special sporting events, I prepare snacks to be shared with my Sisters to cheer the Indians, Cavaliers and the Cleveland Browns on to victory.

I have spent time volunteering for RHC at the Gift Shop. I am actively involved in the life of my congregation through membership on the Core Circle, the Gift and Donation Committee and the Spirituality Committee.

At this time, I am also called to be present and assist and serve my two brothers, Tom and Danny.

My hope for the future is to continue to serve my God in whatever my journey turns out to be.  I plan to serve my CSA Community in whatever way I am able.


Sr. Marian Durkin

I have been privileged to work part-time as a CSA Councilor for the last four years. This has allowed me to engage in a number of volunteer ministries:

I volunteer for the Ignatian Spirituality Program (ISP) and on an occasional Wednesday I visit the Edna House for Women where, with another ISP member, we pray with women in recovery. I have been doing this ministry for many years. I also assist in facilitating a weekend retreat with these women once a year.

I was a graduate of the Ignatian Spirituality Institute (ISI) in 2005 and since that time I have been a spiritual director for a number of individuals; directed students in the Busy Student Retreat at Kent State University once a year; and directed a number of summer weekend retreats at the Jesuit Retreat House.

Every year I facilitate an Emmaus Retreat weekend at the Jesuit Retreat House for LGBTQ individuals. 2017 was our 18th annual retreat weekend. I also meet monthly with a group of gay men for prayer and reflection.

On a monthly basis I have also visited an incarcerated woman as part of the “Friend to Friend” program of the Women’s Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries. My “friend” Rosalie is my fourth “match,” and I have been part of the “Friend to Friend” program for over 15 years.

In the area of Social Justice, I convened a JPIC (Justice, Peace and the Integration of Creation) group consisting of sisters from 6 different communities and a lay woman who works for CYA. We have been meeting for over 2 years and are engaged in prayer, education, and action around a variety of social justice issues.

Finally, I volunteer on two boards that are not part of our CSA ministries: at Lakewood Catholic Academy and CYA-Catholic Young Adults.

These volunteer ministries have been very life-giving for me and provide a broader experience that I hope I can bring to my role as Councilor on the leadership team of CSA.

I am very grateful.