Statement from the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine

January 2022

In partnership with the victim assistance coordinator of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, recently we learned that one or more individuals may have been victims of abuse while receiving care at the former Parmadale Children’s Village of St. Vincent de Paul. The alleged matter is under investigation, and we are working closely with the investigators to try to determine what happened.

The allegations that we’re aware of date back to the 1960s and involve a sister who is now deceased. While at this time we cannot confirm any other details, we are determined to learn the facts.

Protecting the most vulnerable is central to our healing ministry. Harming individuals, especially children, goes against every value we stand for. If the allegations regarding the former Parmadale facility are true, we will continue to take every step possible to make sure this does not happen again. The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland and the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine have implemented extensive policies, training, education, compliance measures and other related matters for the protection of children.

The Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine recognizes there have been incidents where clergy and Catholic sisters have abused persons entrusted to their care. These actions are horrific and we join with women religious throughout our country who deeply regret the suffering that has resulted for survivors and their loved ones. We are grateful for the courage of survivors who have come forward. Because of them, our own understandings of the long-term effects of abuse and sexual misconduct have expanded and deepened. We agree with the survivors who are calling upon women religious to keep working for the healing of victims and the prevention of further abuse.

Anyone who has any concerns about these matters is urged to contact Kathleen McComb, victim assistance coordinator, Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, at 216-334-2999 or We are assured that your confidentiality will be protected.